The Radically Invasive Projectile is a state of the art solid copper
fracturing round available in .380acp, 9mm, .357sig, .40s&w,
10mm, and .45acp. The R.I.P. has been engineered for
maximum efficiency utilizing proven trocar geometry to
pierce through tissue and organs.
The R.I.P.
The science of personal defense meets America's oldest
outdoor passion. For either personal defense or a hunting
excursion, the .300 BLK RipOut series delivers incredible
knockdown power, penetration, and incapacitation.
Non-Flammable Family Fun!
Traditional tracer rounds use both toxic and flammable
materials to create their glow effect. We use patented
cold tracer technology* to create the ultimate training tool.
G2 Research has taken its innovative Trocar design of the solid copper R.I.P. fragmenting projectile and adapted it to the G2 Research Civic Duty Expanding self defense round.
G2 Research